[:cs]SEED w/ Autarkic [IL, Disco Halal][:]

Datum: 13.5.2017
Doors: 22:00
Start: 22:00
Předprodej: náš web, www.goout.cz
Cena na místě: 180 Kč


Autarkic 90 minutes live show
[IL, Disco Halal, Turbo Recordings, Golf Channel Recordings]
SEED and CLUSTER na Radiu 1 proudly presents personally biggest discovery of 2016, producer seamlessly fusing dance music, song-writing and middle-eastern influences. Following success of his Tel Aviv mates Red Axes, Moscoman or Naduve in Europe, Autarkic is just about to release second LP for Disco Halal this month. Come experience his lyrical club sound with the spicy twist.

accompanied by
Møreti https://soundcloud.com/click-joe
Milan Kroutil
Not_me https://www.mixcloud.com/Prague_Up_Podcast/004-not_me/
Mike.H https://soundcloud.com/mikeh



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