Technik w/ Lewis Fautzi

Datum: 24.2.2018
Doors: 22:00
Start: 22:00
Předprodej: goout.cz
Cena na místě: 400 Kč

TECHNIK brings a little dark to the white winter.
Lewis Fautzi (Polegroup_Figure_Soma) provided interstellar tourism experiences, both as a DJ or as a live-act, at dancefloors like Tresor, Gare Porto, Lux Frágil and Berghain, amongst many other notable spaces.
If Lewis Fautzi´s sound could be materialized, it would look something like gleam of cosmic light reflects on polished surfaces, which sometimes trace long smooth curves, other times end in edges. This gleam will dazzle you in February in Prague.
_ https://soundcloud.com/lewisfautzi

Whole lineup will be decoded soon.

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